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2023-09-29  Congratulations to Philippe Déspres for successfully defending his PhD with flying colors! Next step: Cambridge, Massachussets!

2023-08-30  A huge congratulations to Mathieu Hénault for successfully defending his PhD thesis on Wednesday! Check out his profile to see all of his published work since starting at the Landry lab.

2023-08-25  Congratulations to all of the Landry lab trainees who won prizes for their presentations on IBIS day! They are Mathieu G. (undergraduate poster), Camille (master’s poster), Angel (PhD poster), Florian (postdoc poster), and François (best short talk). Another strong haul for the Landry lab!

2023-05-15  Let’s all please offer a warm welcome to our undergraduate summer interns: Maria, Mariia, Mathieu, and Megane. We hope you enjoy your time in the Landry lab!

2023-05-12  Some more exciting news from PROTEO: Camille, Emilie, and Simon all won poster prizes and Phil presented his latest research!

2023-05-05  Congratulations to PhD student Carla Bautista for winning the 2023 Michelle-Auger Prize! This is an outstanding achievement!

2023-04-26  Some fantastic news on the fellowships front: David Jordan and Simon were awarded NSERC fellowships while Camille, Mathieu, Phillipe and Soham were awarded FRQ fellowships. Quite a haul!

2023-04-19  Genome Canada has publicly announced newly-funded GAPP projects, including our anti-fungal resistance project! Hooray!

2023-03-28  Congratulations to Camille and Carla for winning first prize at the biology colloquium! Great job!

2023-02-08  The Landry lab is on retreat! A time for some (light) science but also fun! Check out photos of the even in the Gallery.

2022-11-11  Bon voyage! Angel, Camille, and Emilie are currently doing internships in the Weizmann Institute, the University of Guelph, and UBC, respectively. We hope that you have fun!

2022-11-11 Congratulations to Christian Landry for being newly elected as an SMBE Councillor!

2022-06-03 Congratulations to Emilie, Florian, Pascale, and Romain, who were all recently awarded research fellowships from FRQS! Great job guys!

2022-05-26 A huge welcome to our summer interns Aakriti, Gourav, Hrishikesh, and Jonathan! We hope that you enjoy your time in the Landry Lab!

2022-05-13  Congratulations to Alicia Pageau for winning a poster prize award at this year’s PROTEO symposium in Montreal!

2022-02-02  Great news: group leader Christian Landry is now a senior editor at eLife!

2021-11-09  Congratulations to Prof. Christian Landry for winning a Teaching Excellence award from Université Laval!! See the video for the award here:

2021-08-27  We are happy to report a very successful IBIS Student Day for the Landry lab! Congratulations in particular to poster prize winners Camille, Carla, Daniel, David Jordan, François, and Simon! Thank you also to the organisers from the lab: David Jordan, Marika, and Simon!

2021-07-30  Congratulations to Emilie, Camille, and Romain, who have all been selected as fellows on the Canadian training program EvoFunPath!

2021-06-18  A warm welcome to our summer interns Jordan, Pradum, Ria, and Vincent. We hope that you enjoy your time in the Landry lab!

2021-05-19  Congratulations to Carla, David, Diana, Marika and Ugo, who all received prizes for their poster presentations at the 2021 PROTEO symposium. Great job guys!

2021-04-30  Now even more great news on the subject of fellowships: FRQNT fellowships were awarded to Simon (PhD), Camille and Pascale (Master’s). Damien and Rohan’s FRQS postdoc fellowhips were also renewed. Christian also received an FQRNT grant to work on anti-fungal resistance. Bravo to all!

2021-04-09 We have a lot of great news on the fellowship front: Francois was awarded the Canada Vanier Scholarship for his PhD studies, while Camille, David Jordan, and Pascale were all awarded graduate NSERC fellowships. A great haul overall for the Landry lab!

2021-03-22 Congratulations to Ugo Dionne and the SH3 team (Émilie B, Alex, David B, Rohan, Soham, Phil, and Christian) for their latest publication in Nature Communications! Great job guys!

2021-02-15 Congratulations to Diana Ascencio (and co-authors) for her recent publication in PNAS, about the fitness effects of gene duplication. This is a great achievement!

2021-02-03 The more the merrier! A warm welcome to our new postdoc Romain Durand and new PhD student Daniel Evans-Yamamoto!

2020-12-18 Some fantastic news as 2020 comes towards an end: our group leader (Christian Landry) has been newly appointed as a Canada Research Chair. This is a highly prestigious award! Bravo Christian!

2020-09-10 A big congratulations to Marika for being awarded an NSERC fellowship for her MSc studies, and to François for passing his PhD qualifying exam! Great job guys!

2020-07-08 Our group leader Christian Landry was interviewed by Radio-Canada today for Anna’s paper on the Jean-Talon beer strain. A cool interview for a cool paper!

2020-06-10 More great news: Angel was recently awarded an excellence fellowship for foreign students in Québec. Bravo Angel!

2020-06-01 Fantastic news: Alicia and Pascale have each been awarded the Université Laval leadership fellowship to begin their MSc studies. Bravo Alicia and Pascale!

2020-05-21 A big congratulations to our group leader Christian Landry for winning the 2020 Margaret Dayhoff Mid-Career Award! Thoroughly well deserved!

2020-05-14 Phil’s recent genome editing paper in Nature Communications received coverage on the university website. Well done Phil!

2020-05-06 Fantastic news: Emilie Alexander has been awarded a PROTEO fellowship for her summer internship in the lab. Bravo Emilie!

2020-04-30 A big congratulations to Angel and François for being awarded FRQNT PhD scholarships this year! Angel was ranked first in his committee!

2020-04-10 Great news! Camille, Charlotte, and Alicia have all been awarded NSERC fellowships this year. Congratulations girls!

2020-03-02 Anna and Pauline’s paper on the genome evolution of Ophiostoma species has just been published in Nature Ecology & Evolution! Congratulations Anna and Pauline!

2020-01-17 A very warm welcome to our new master’s student David Jordan and intern Camille Bedard!

2019-12-10 Great news: David Bradley has just been awarded a prestigious postdoctoral fellowship from EMBO! Well done David!

2019-12-10 Congratulations to Simon and Angel for successfully proposing their master’s and PhD projects, respectively. Both received excellent evaluations!

2019-11-08 Congratulations to this year’s iGEM team (featuring Angel, Carla, Francois, and Pascale) for winning the gold medal and the prize for the ‘best new applications’ project! Great job guys!

2019-09-15 Looking for some Sunday reading? Check out Gillaume’s blog post about the newest paper from the lab.

2019-08-30 The Landry lab had a good day at the office during this years iteration of IBIS day; poster prizes to Pauline, Simon, Marika and Souhir!

2019-08-16 The more the merrier! A warm welcome to our new postdoctoral fellows: David Bradley and Samuel Plante!

2019-07-30 SMBE is coming to Quebec! Don’t miss this chance to meet with your peers, share science, and discover our beautiful city!

2019-05-10 Philippe, Caroline and Ugo walk away from this years PROTEO symposium with poster prizes, great work!

2019-04-27 Congratulations to Philippe for his Canada Vanier Scholarship!

2019-04-27 Congratulations to Simon for his NSERC MSc Scholarship!

2019-04-27 Congratulations to Émilie for her NSERC MSc Scholarship!

2019-04-27 Congratulations to Mathieu for his NSERC AG Bell PhD Scholarship!

2019-04-26 Congratulations to Lou for his theoretical paper on de novo genes accepted with minor modifications! Looking forward to seeing it online.

2019-04-18 Congratulations to Carla and Philippe for completing their PhD quals and project proposals. Welcome to the world of PhD students!

2019-04-15 Congratulations to Simon, Philippe and Marika for their Scientific Leadership Scholarships from Université Laval!

2019-04-15 Congratulations to Johan for his postdoc fellowship from the Human Frontiers Science Program, one of the most competitive fellowships in the world!

2019-03-22 Big congratulations to Carla for her PhD presentation third price and to Caroline for the “prix de l’IBIS” at this years iteration of the Colloque de Biologie!

2018-10-11 Souhir won the first prize for her poster on ploidy variation in hybrids at RECOMB-GC 2018 and Carla was among the finalist of the poster session. Impressive work, congratulations!!!!

2018-09-24 Welcome to our new undergraduate student Marika Drouin!

2018-09-12 It was a pleasure to host you in our lab, Daniel. Welcome back to the Yachie lab!

2018-08-30 Philippe, Caroline, Carla and Lou received a price for their amazing poster communication at the Ibis day! Congratulations!!

2018-08-30 Thanks to the student committee lead by Clara from the Landry lab and Clément from the Bernatchez Lab we had an exciting Ibis day! Congratulations for the organisation!!

2018-07-17 Christian got a highly competitive grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research to bridge the mutation and interactome landscapes of the eukaryotic cell for the next 7 years. Congratulations!!!

2018-07-03 Early Career Leadership Spotlight — Angel Fernando Cisneros Caballero.

2018-06-04 Latest preprint from the lab on bioRxiv: A systems biology approach to explore the impact of maple tree dormancy release on sap variation and maple syrup quality. Congrats to all authors!

2018-06-03 The lab is getting bigger!! Welcome to our new pdfs: Diana Ascencio and Johan Hallin.

2018-05-30 François got the Leadership Fellowship from FSG! Congrats!

2018-05-24 Latest preprint from the lab on bioRxiv: The high turnover of ribosome-associated transcripts from de novo ORFs produces gene-like characteristics available for de novo gene emergence in wild yeast populations. Congrats to all authors!

2018-05-22 Early Career Leadership Spotlight — Carla Bautista Rodriguez.

2018-05-14 The lab is getting bigger!! Welcome to our new intern Emilie Bourgault and new pdf Rohan Dandage.

2018-04-30 Axelle is among the awardees of the last FRQS Postdoc competition, François received the FRQNT fellowship for his Master’s and Christian received a grant from the FRQNT! Nice haul!

2018-04-17 Mathieu will receive a travel award to attend a meeting on Evolution in Heidelberg and Axelle to attend a meeting in Lyon in systems biology. Congrats guys!

2018-04-08 Carla received a fellowship to attend a meeting in Astrobiology in the US this summer. Congrats Carla!

2018-04-03 François will receive NSERC fellowship to come work with us this summer! Congratulations!

2018-03-23 Simon and Emilie will receive NSERC summer scholarships to come work with us this summer! Congratulations!

2018-03-22 Congratulations to Véronique who wins the second price of Bernard Richard Foundation, for her talk at the Colloque de Biologie.

2018-03-16 Francois just received a fellowship for his leadership and student activities. Congrats!

2018-03-10 Congratulations: Angel was awarded an Undergraduate Travel & Mentoring award for SMBE 2018, to attend the meeting in Yokohama, Japan!

2018-03-06 Congratulations to Claudine and Philippe for their Master’s seminar!

2018-03-02 The paper that Isabelle and Christian collaborated on with X. Roucou’s lab is discussed in The Scientist this week!

2018-02-15 Latest paper from the lab published online: Extended linkers improve the detection of PPIs by DHFR PCA in Living Cells. Congrats to all authors!

2018-01-23 Christian ranked 2nd out of 55 in the Genetics committee and his grant applications of the Fall to CIHR was approved!

2018-01-12 Short movie about our work on paralogous genes in Quebec Science!

2017-12-05 Congrats to Carla and Angel for their Master’s project proposals.

2017-12-02 Latest paper from the lab published online: Yeast population genomics goes wild: the case of Saccharomyces paradoxus. Congrats to all authors!

2017-11-24 Congrats to Angel for his scientific leadership scholarship and Anna and Chris who received a PROTEO travel award!

2017-11-07 Congrats to Véronique for her Master’s seminar!

2017-10-30 Postdoctoral position in Evolutionary Cell Biology available in the Landry lab!

2017-10-30 The paper that Isabelle and Christian collaborated on with X. Roucou’s lab was just accepted for publication in eLife! Deep transcriptome annotation enables the discovery and functional characterization of cryptic small proteins. Congrats to all authors!

2017-09-05 Welcome François Rouleau, our new undergrade student!

2017-08-24 Welcome Matteo Bouvier, our new undergraduate student!

2017-08-23 Congrats to Carla who received a scholarship from La Caixa Foundation and from Laval university to join us. Welcome in the lab!

2017-05-17 Angel will receive a MITACS scholarship to come back in the lab!

2017-05-12 Congrats to Souhir, Véronique and Philippe, who will respectively receive a postdoctoral, PhD and Master fellowship from FRQS, and Mathieu for his FRQNT scholarship!

2017-04-06 Mathieu and Claudine received a NSERC scholarship and Philippe got a CIHR fellowship, congrats!

2017-03-17 Lou received the famous AG Bell graduate scholarship from NSERC for his PhD, congrats!

2017-03-15 published an article about the recent work of Guillaume Diss and other Landry lab members: “Quand l’évolution s’enfarge dans ses rechanges…”

The Scientist discusses our recent findings on gene duplicates.

2017-02-11 Christian is interviewed by the CBC (French) to talk about evolutionary cell biology.

2017-02-09 Le Fil talked about our work: “Résilient ou fragile?” » based on the last paper by Guillaume Diss et other Landry lab members.

2017-02-09 The work of Guillaume Diss et al. “Gene duplication can impart fragility, not robustness, in the yeast protein interaction network” is now published in Science. Congrats to all authors! Go read it!

2017-02-08 The media talk about Christian’s E.W.R. Steacie Memorial Fellowship:
– Christian was interviewed by Claude Bernatchez on Radio Canada [link for replay].
– And « Trois prix nationaux d’excellence en recherche », Le Fil.

2017-02-07 Christian received the prestigious E.W.R. Steacie Memorial Fellowship, from the NSERC, during a ceremony at the residence of the Governor General of Canada. This prize rewards highly promising young scientists who have done many outstanding achievement.

2017-02-06 Congratulations to François-Olivier who successfully defended his PhD!

2017-01-18 Claudine and Caroline have received an international internship fellowship from PROTEO/FRQNT, to go to Nagahama and Vancouver respectively. Congrats!

2016-12-20 The new François-Olivier’s paper Major host transitions are modulated through transcriptome‐wide reprograming events in Schistocephalus solidus, a threespine stickleback parasite is released in Molecular Ecology.

2016-12-21 Mathieu’s paper in EMBO Reports is out: When nuclear‐encoded proteins and mitochondrial RNAs do not get along, species split apart.

2016-11-22 Congrats to Véronique, awarded with a leadership fellowship!

2016-10-23 Christian receives the FGS Summa prize: The highest distinction in research awarded by the Faculté des sciences et de génie.

2016-09-01 Le Fil dedicated an article about François-Olivier and his opinions on the sharing of scientific knowledge.

2016-08-18 Mathieu’s blogpost is now published in the GSA blog, see here to learn more about Mitonuclear interactions!

2016-08-09 Caroline’s brief The fate of duplicates is also published in the GSA blog!

2016-08-18 Mathieu’s blogpost is now published in the GSA blog, see here to learn more about Mitonuclear interactions!

2016-08-02 Christian’s blogpost on the GSA meeting in Orlando is published. Go read it.

2016-07-29 Our paper in collaboration with the Hittinger lab is on the cover of PLoS Genetics. Congrats Guillaume and Jean-Baptiste!

2016-07-25 Marie will be leaving us in September to become assistant professor of food science at the Faculté des sciences de l’agriculture et de l’alimentation. Congratulations Marie!

2016-07-20 Mathieu won the best poster award during The Allied Genetics Conference in Orlando. Congrats to the lab for all good talks and posters!

2016-06-09 François-Olivier was interviewed by Scott Edmunds (editor at GigaScience): Parasite Protocols Part 2. Author Q&A with François-Olivier Hébert.

2016-06-06 EurekAlert! talked about the latest paper of François-Olivier: We’ve got tapeworms and scabies! And reproducible research. Congrats!

2016-05-20 Le Fil dedicated a cool article about Clara and her work: Faire la vie dure aux levures.

2016-05-17 Congrats to Clara and Ugo for their poster prizes, and Marie, for her selected talk, during the PROTEO symposium 2016!

2016-05-11 A new paper by François-Olivier « Reference transcriptome for the parasite Schistocephalus solidus: insights into the molecular evolution of parasitism. » was accepted in GigaScience. Congrats!

2016-04-29 A lot of good news in April!
– Claudine, Ugo and Anne-Marie have received a Master, Thesis and Postdoc FRQS fellowship respectively.
– Philippe and Mathieu were awarded with a CIHR fellowship for the summer.
– Véronique, Guillaume, Mathieu and Anne-Marie won a GSA travel award, and Eléonore a PROTEO travel award, to go to The Allied Genetics Conference (TAGC) in Orlando this summer.

2016-03-24 Our new colleague Ugo Dionne has received the famous AG Bell fellowship from NSERC. Philippe and Mathieu have also obtained the NSERC fellowship for the Summer!

2016-03-10 François-Olivier and Philippe were awarded at the « 7ème Colloque annuel de biologie de l’Université Laval ». François-Olivier received the excellence award by the Richard Bernard Foundation for his talk, and Philippe won the best poster price. Congrats to both of them!

2016-02-17 Christian was interviewed by Francis Reddy in the radio show « Bien dans son assiette. Ajouter de la couleur à l’assiette grâce à la pomme de terre » (segment at 21 mn).

2016-02-10 The Landry lab officially holds the Canada Research Chair in Evolutionary Cell and Systems Biology.  Thanks for all former and current lab members for their contribution to our success!

2016-01-20 Congrats to Philippe who was just awarded the André Darveau fellowship to go to Japan this summer!

2016-01-15 Two articles, Une levure vraiment québécoise in Le Fil and Découverte d’une levure sauvage unique près de Québec in Le Devoir, highlight Jean-Baptiste, Lou, Guillaume and Chris’ paper published in Nature microbiologySpeciation driven by hybridization and chromosomal plasticity in a wild yeast. Congrats to all authors!

2015-12-11 Lou has been accepted for the course EMBO PC on Computational Molecular Evolution, to be held in Crete 8-19 May 2016! Congrats Lou.

2015-12-09 Le Fil talked about our work: De la levure à l’humain based on Marie’s last paper Evolutionary rescue by compensatory mutations is constrained by genomic and environmental backgrounds. Congrats to all authors!

2015-12-08 Congrats to Marie, awarded «chercheur étoile» by les Fonds de la Recherche en Santé du Québec (FRSQ) for the publication Systematic identification of signal integration by protein kinase A published in PNAS.

2015-12-07 Caroline Berger to receive PROTEO graduate fellowship from January 2016! Congrats Caroline.

2015-11-25 Christian is interviewed by the Publico on wine yeast domestication

2015-11-20 Le Fil talked about our students. Lou and Clara were rewarded with a leadership fellowship, congrats to both of them! […]

The lab

The Landry lab is located at the Institut de Biologie Intégrative et des Systèmes (IBIS) of Université Laval and is part of the Quebec Network for Research on Protein Function, Engineering, and Applications (PROTEO). IBIS and PROTEO offer very stimulating training environments and cutting edge technologies. The Landry lab is an international team of 28 students, PDFs and research associates from different backgrounds (microbiology, biology, bioinformatics, biochemistry) addressing questions in evolutionary cell and systems biology.
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