Current lab members

Christian Landry, PhD

Principal Investigator

Isabelle Gagnon-Arsenault, PhD

Research professional / Lab manager

Alexandre Dubé, MSc

Research professional / Lab manager

Cynthia Gagné-Thivierge, MSc 

Research professional / Lab manager 

Anna Fijarczyk, PhD

Research associate / Evolutionary genomics

David Bradley, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow / Evolutionary systems biology

Samuel Plante, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow / Molecular ecology

Romain Durand, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow / Molecular genetics

Florian Mattenberger, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow / Evolutionary systems biology

Mathieu Hénault

PhD Student / Yeast ecological genomics

 Philippe Després

PhD Student / Yeast genome editing

Angel Cisneros

PhD Student / Protein-protein interactions 

Carla Bautista Rodríguez

PhD Student / Evolutionary ecological genomics

François Rouleau

PhD Student / Evolutionary systems biology

Daniel  Evans-Yamamoto

PhD Student / Evolutionary systems biology

Simon Aubé

PhD Student / Evolutionary systems biology

David Jordan

PhD Student / Evolutionary systems biology

Soham Dibyachintan

PhD Student / Evolutionary systems biology

Alicia Pageau

MSc Student / Evolutionary systems biology

Pascale Lemieux

MSc Student / Evolutionary systems biology

Emilie Alexander

M. Sc Student / Genome editing

Camille Bédard

M. Sc  / Evolutionary systems biology

Jonathan Boisvert

Undergraduate  / Anti-fungal resistance

Raché Jarras

Intern / Anti-fungal resistance

Paul Boittiaux

Intern / Protein evolution

The lab

The Landry lab is located at the Institut de Biologie Intégrative et des Systèmes (IBIS) of Université Laval and is part of the Quebec Network for Research on Protein Function, Engineering, and Applications (PROTEO). IBIS and PROTEO offer very stimulating training environments and cutting edge technologies. The Landry lab is an international team of about 30 students, PDFs and research associates from different backgrounds (microbiology, biology, bioinformatics, biochemistry) addressing questions in evolutionary cell and systems biology.

The lab