Undergraduate student / Molecular genetics
jordan.jalbert-ross.1 [at]


I was born in a small town called Mont-Carmel, in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region. When I was young, I wanted to be a social worker like my dad, until I fell in love with genetics at the age of 15. After secondary school, I did not want to go to Cegep like everybody else, so I studied a year abroad in Alabama, in the US. After I came back from the US, I went to study at Université Laval in biochemistry. My goal is to earn a doctorate in biochemistry so that, one day, I can teach and get my own laboratory. During the 2021 summer, I will be working in a laboratory for the first time in my career.

Research interests

I am interested by everything in the fields of genetics and evolution. I am fascinated by the evolution of different species and the impact it has had or the impact it will have on our lives in the future. This summer, I will be working on developing a protocol to identify the genes and mutations responsible for the resistance to flucytosine in fungi. This will help predict the evolution of the resistance to multiple antifungal agents in any given population