Pascale Lemieux

MSc Student / Evolutionary systems biology
pascale.lemieux.4 [at]


I spent my childhood in Sorel-Tracy, where I went to CEGEP in the Science de la nature program (2015-2017). Then, I moved to Quebec City to pursue my degree in Biochemistry at Laval University (2017-). At the end of my first year, I had my first internship at the Molecular Tools Platform where I learned about molecular biology and genetic engineering. It is for my second internship that I have the privilege of joining the Landry Lab team.


Research interests

The goal of the project I’m working on is to characterize the effect of human genes coding for protein complex components when they are expressed in yeast. I am very interested in the humanization of yeast because this project could lead to the creation of an ideal model organism for pharmacogenomics.


Plante S, Moon KM, Lemieux P, Foster LJ,  and Landry CR (2023). Breaking spore dormancy in budding yeast transforms the cytoplasm and the solubility of the proteome. PLOS Biology 21(4): e3002042