Pradum Kumar

Undergraduate student / Protein evolution


I hail from a small town in Bihar, India and brought up in different states. I was never a biology enthusiast but more into computing. After school, I went to join the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, unfortunately, I couldn’t get my dream branch of mathematics and computing and end up in biotechnology, but still, I had the love for computing, so I came across a bioinformatics course in sophomore year and since my interest grew more and more. I did my first summer project in bioinformatics on protein-protein interactions, and from there, I started developing interests in bioinformatics. I am also a part of iGEM IIT Roorkee, where I developed a platform for the prediction of the secondary structure of the engineered proteins.

Research interests

My research interest revolves around the fields of bioinformatics, particular in proteomics and genomics. I also love to explore the field of synthetic biology. This summer (2021), I will be working with Angel Cisneros on the evolutionary analysis of the R67 DHFR (Dihydrofolate reductase).