David Jordan

PhD Student / Evolutionary systems biology
david.jordan.2 [at] ulaval.ca


I grew up in Lac-Beauport and Gatineau and obtained a DEC in Natural Sciences at Cégep de l’Outaouais in 2016. I completed a bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology at Université de Sherbrooke from 2016 to 2019. During this time I had the chance to work for over a year in Pr. Sébastien Rodrigue’s laboratory on the use of conjugative plasmids to combat antibiotic resistance in the gut microbiota. Afterwards, I completed a master’s degree in the Landry lab, studying the evolution of protein signalling networks. Finally, in 2022, I started work on a PhD project, concerning the emergence of resistance to antifungal drugs.


Research interests

Invasive fungal infections are a growing concern around the world, yet the few drugs that can treat these diseases are often rendered useless by antifungal resistant pathogens. By understanding the mechanisms of resistance and their causal mutations, we are better equipped to avoid the emergence of resistance, and better able to fight the resistant strains which emerge. With this goal in mind, I am studying the resistance of pathogenic fungi to the new antifungal compound ibrexafungerp


Bédard C*, Cisneros AF*, Jordan D, and Landry CR. Correlation between protein abundance and sequence conservation: what do recent experiments say? Current Opinion in Genetics and Development, 77 (2022) 

Neil K, Allard N, Jordan D, Rodrigue S. Assembly of large mobilizable genetic cargo by double recombinase operated insertion of DNA (DROID). Plasmid Volume 104, July 2019, 102419.