Daniel Evans-Yamamoto

PhD student / Evolutionary systems biology


I have spent most of my young years in Tokyo, where I started an undergraduate degree in Keio University. There I joined Dr. Nozomu Yachie’s laboratory at The University of Tokyo and worked on protein-protein interaction screenings and DNA barcoding as a research student. In 2016, Dr. Christian Landry visited us during his sabbatical, where I grew my interest in evolutionary systems biology and started collaborating. While still being affiliated to Keio university, I obtained my master’s degree under Dr. Nozomu Yachie’s supervision. I joined the Landry laboratory to further accelerate the collaboration in my first year of PhD..


Research interests

My research interest lies in how alterations to protein sequences can affect the interactions of proteins. To tackle this question, I take approaches to experimentally compare interactions of proteins by screening protein variants. In order to efficiently screen such interactions, I have also been keen on technology development using DNA barcodes. I also like to keep an eye open for new technologies in the biology field.


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