Carla Bautista Rodríguez 

PhD Student / Evolutionary ecological genomics
carla.bautista-rodriguez.1 [at]


I have always been interested in nature and biodiversity, so I decided to study biology. In 2016 I obtained a degree in Biology from the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid. Another great passion that always accompanied me was astronomy and the study of the Universe. This is how I came to know the domain of astrobiology, which united my two great passions, astronomy and biology. For this reason, I completed my internship at the Astrobiology Center (CAB) at the National Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA) in the Department of Molecular Evolution. From that moment, I knew that the study of the origin of life was going to be part of my concerns forever since I had always been very interested in evolution. In 2016 I obtained a grant for the Promotion of Research in Master’s Studies-UAM 2016 to carry out the “Master in Biotechnology” program at the Autonomous University of Madrid. In 2016 I met Christian Landry’s laboratory and was fascinated by its different approaches to study evolution at the molecular level. Therefore, I decided to apply for a master’s degree in his group. Currently, I am a supported by a “La Caixa” Scholarship that allows me to do a master’s degree in biology at Laval University.


Research interests

I am interested in the study of astrobiology and evolution in extreme environments. I would like to understand how organisms can adapt to these environments and discern the molecular basis of these adaptations. Currently, I am working on a project to find out if hybridization between species can contribute to better adaptation in extreme conditions. My current approach is experimental evolution, which allows me to apply high selective pressures and examine their consequences during evolution.


Bautista C, Marsit S, & Landry CR. Interspecific hybrids show a reduced adaptive potential under DNA damaging conditions. Evolutionary Applications (2020)

Hallin J, Cisneros A, Hénault M, Fijarczyk A, Dandage R, Bautista C, & Landry CR.  Similarities in biological processes can be used to bridge ecology and molecular biology. Evolutionary Applications 13 (6), 1335-1350 (2020)