Romain Durand, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow / Molecular genetics
romain.durand.1 [at]


I grew up in Gif-sur-Yvette, a middle-sized town in the southwest suburbs of Paris. I was initially trained as an engineer in biological engineering at the Université de Technologie de Compiègne, north of Paris. During this 5-year program, I learned among other things how to manage a team and find innovative solutions to complex problems. However, I’d known for a long time that I wanted to work in research. Therefore, in 2015, I started an MSc program in microbiology at the Université de Sherbrooke under the supervision of Vincent Burrus and Sébastien Rodrigue. In 2017, I followed up with a PhD on the same subject. I studied the molecular mechanisms of antibiotic resistance dissemination, particularly the relationship between two families of mobile genetic elements: IncC conjugative plasmids and Salmonella genomic island 1 (SGI1). Both families of elements drive the dissemination of multiple antibiotic resistance genes in a broad range of Gammaproteobacteria, including human pathogens. In 2021, I joined the Landry lab to learn about another kingdom of life.


Research interests

I am generally interested in antimicrobial resistance. Using a combination of several last-generation molecular biology techniques and computational analyses, I will study the evolution of resistance to the antifungal flucytosine in the model yeast S. cerevisiae.


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Durand R, Huguet KT*, Rivard N*, Carraro N, Rodrigue S, Burrus V. Crucial role of Salmonella genomic island 1 master activator in the parasitism of IncC plasmids. Nucleic Acids Research gkab204 (2021)

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