Camille Bédard

M. Sc student / Evolutionary systems biology
camille.bedard.6 [at]


I am from Saint-Raymond in Portneuf. I have lived in Quebec City since 2016, which is the year I started my collegial studies in natural sciences at CEGEP Garneau. Science was an easy choice for me, as those classes have always been my favorite. After, I chose to continue at the baccalaureate in biology of Laval University in 2018. Biodiversity, ecology and evolution led my choice. I did my first internship in summer 2019 in the laboratory of Pr. Louis Bernier, where I got the chance to work on Dutch elm disease. My job was to assist a doctoral student on her project characterizing genes linked to pathogenicity of the fungus responsible for DED: Ophiostoma novo-ulmi. I learned a lot, especially about molecular biology techniques and microbiology. I now have the privilege of joining the Landry Lab to do a second internship in 2020.


Research interests

I am interested in micro-organisms, ecology and evolution and I love working in the areas of molecular biology and microbiology. In the Landry Lab, I will work on the evolution of anti-fungal resistance, knowing that some yeast pathogens are resistant to all anti-fungals. I think that it is important to study the factors that could influence this resistance. My goal is to understand if some environmental conditions could modulate the speed of resistance emergence using experimental evolution.