Paul Boittiaux

Intern / Protein evolution


Born and raised in France, I did a bachelor in University of Bordeaux in Biology of organisms and environment. I went to University of Lille to pursue a master degree in Evolutionary Biology. I did one internship in Arcachon lab as a taxonomist when I was in my 3rd year of bachelor, and I did one internship in Ashworth laboratory in Edinburgh with Dr. Latombe on Theoretical Ecology. I am here in Quebec to do my 3rd internship about compensatory mutations, by analyzing DMS data.

Research interests

I’ve been very interested in everything around genetic and genomes, from populations genetics to genome editing, passing by environmental DNA studies, and more particularly in reconstructing trees of life and phylogeny. I do really like maths and physics. In the future,  I would like to work in research on genomes, even if I don’t know what is the precise point on interest for me, there so much thing to do.