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Nickname : JB

Seasons : 2010-

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Jean-Baptiste Leducq
I come from Calais (North of France) where I started my studies in biology (Bachelor’s degree in 2004, Université du Littoral-Côte-d’Opale), followed by a Master’s degree in Environment (2006) and a PhD in Population Genetics (2010) in Lille (Université Lille 1, France) under the direction of Prof. Xavier Vekemans and Dr. Sylvain Billiard (Lab. Génétique et Évolution des Populations Végétales). I am Post Doc in Evolutionary Systems Biology in Dr. Christian Landry’s laboratory since September 2010. I have expertise in genome analysis, population genetics, molecular biology, high throughput phenotyping, field and in situ experiments, population sampling, microbiology, botany, scientific vulgarization, communication and illustration, and the training of yound scientists.
I give courses to bachelor and master students in Ecology and I am interested in teaching Evolutionary Biology, Botany, Mycology and Population Genetics.
My other hobbies are cooking, gardening, music, literature and cello.

Research project
I am using a systemic approach to investigate historical, biological, adaptive and biogeographical events leading to speciation, at any organization level of life.
At a theoretical and empirical level, I was first interested in the effect of the reproduction system and of demographic and historical processes on the population dynamics of two plant species with contrasted ecology: Arabidopsis halleri in a fundamental context and Biscutella neustriaca in a conservation purpose.
Since more recently, I am interested in applying a population genetics and genomics approach to the most underrated Eukaryotic phylum: Fungi. Natural populations of the yeast Saccharomyces paradoxus are the ideal model to study the genomic imprint of great biogeographical changes, key processes of speciation and adaptation to climatic and trophic conditions.
Always using Saccharomyces as model, I am interested in evolutionary processes modulating protein interaction networks, especially the way they can diverge between close species and be reshuffled in interspecific hybrids.


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