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Nguyen Q G, Jain M, Landry CR and M Filteau. Mapping Gene-Microbe Interactions: Insights from Functional Genomics Co-culture Experiments between Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Pseudomonas spp. bioRxiv

Bautista C, Marsit S and CR Landry. Interspecific hybrids show a reduced adaptive potential under DNA damaging conditions. bioRxiv

Fijarczyk AHénault MMarsit S, Charron GFischborn TNicole-Labrie L & CR Landry. The genome sequence of the Jean-Talon strain, an archeological tetraploid beer yeast from Québec. bioRxiv

Berger CS, Laroche J, Maaroufi H, Martin H, Moon K-M, Landry CR, Foster LJ & N Aubin-Horth. The parasite Schistocephalus solidus secretes proteins with putative host manipulation functions. bioRxiv

Fama Braga L, Cisneros AF, Mathieu M, Clerc M, Garcia P, Lottin B, Garand C, Thebault P, Landry CR & S. Elowe. The BUBR1 pseudokinase domain promotes efficient kinetochore PP2A-B56 recruitment to regulate spindle silencing and chromosome alignment. bioRxiv

Horianopoulos L, Gluck-Thaler E, Benoit Gelber I ,  Cowen LE, Geddes-McAlister J, Landry CR, Schwartz IS , Scott JA, Sellam A, Sheppard DC, Spribille T, Subramaniam R,Walker AK, Harris SD, Shapiro RS & AC. Gerstein. The Canadian Fungal Research Network: Current Challenges and Future Opportunities.  Preprints



Published work


Després PC, Dubé AK, Seki M, Yachie N and CR Landry. Perturbing proteomes at single residue resolution using base editing. Nature Communications 11, Article number: 1871 (2020)

Hallin J, Cisneros AF, Hénault M, Fijarczyk A, Dandage R, Bautista C and CR Landry. Similarities in biological processes can be used to bridge ecology and molecular biology. Evolutionary Applications

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Bleuven C, Nguyen G, Despres PC, Filteau M and CR Landry. Competition experiments in soil reveal the impact of genetic and biotic factors on natural yeast populations. ISME Journal.

Cooke, S.J., V.M. Nguyen, D. Anastakis, S.D. Scott, M.R. Turetsky, A. Amirfazli, A. Hearn, C.E. Milton, L. Loewen,  E.E. Smith,  D.R. Norris, K.L. Lavoie, A. Aiken, D. Ansari, A.N. Antle, M. Babel, J. Bailey, D.M. Bernstein, R. Birnbaum, C. Bourassa, A. Calcagno, A. Campana, B. Chen, K. Collins, C.E. Connelly, M. Denov, B. Dupont, E. George, I. Gregory-Eaves, S. High, J.M. Hill, P.L. Jackson, N. Jette, M. Jurdjevic, A. Kothari, P. Khairy, S.A. Lamoureux, K. Ladner, C.R. Landry, F. Légaré, N. Lehoux, C. Leuprecht, A.R. Lieverse,  A. Luczak, M.L. Mallory,  E. Manning, A. Mazalek, S.J. Murray, L.L. Newman, V. Oosterveld, P. Potvin,  S. Reimer-Kirkham, J. Rowsell, D. Stacey, S.L. Tighe, D.J. Vocadlo, A.E. Wilson and A. Woolford. 2020.  Diverse perspectives on interdisciplinarity from the Members of the College of The Royal Society of Canada.  FACETS.  5:138-165.


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Nielly-Thibault L & CR Landry, Differences between the de novo proteome and its non-functional precursor can result from neutral constraints on its birth process, not necessarily from natural selection alone. Genetics  10.1534/genetics.119.302187 (2019)

Dandage R, Després PC, Yachie N & CR Landry, beditor: A computational workflow for designing libraries of guide RNAs for CRISPR base editing. Genetics 212(2):377-385 (2019)

Durand E, Gagnon-Arsenault I, Hatin I, Nielly-Thibault L, Namy O & CR Landry, The high turnover of ribosome-associated transcripts from de novo ORFs produces gene-like characteristics available for de novo gene emergence in wild yeast populations. Genome Research 29(6):932-943 (2019)

Eberlein C, Hénault M, Fijarczyk A, Charron G, Bouvier M, Kohn L, Anderson J, Landry CR. Hybridization is a recurrent evolutionary stimulus in wild yeast speciation. Nature Communications 10, Article number: 923 (2019)


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